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All of the craftable sandiwches

Sandwiches are a new type of food in Evil Minecraft, and they come in many different types. All of them require meat, cheese, and bread slices, except for cheese sandwiches which do not need meat.

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Bread into bread slices

To make a sandwich, first you need bread slices. Put bread into a crafting table to get 4 bread slices.

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Second, you will need some cheese. Put lemons and heated milk (milk from a furnace) to get cheese.

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The crafting of the sandwich. You can make a sandwich with all of the ingredients on the top row plus cheese too. (for cheese)

Next, craft the sandwich like so. For each sandwich, trade out the middle item for the type of sandwich you want (Bacon, ham, pork, cheese, steak, etc).

NOTE: tainted pork and rotten flesh make POISONOUS sandwiches!

Making with a ham slice gives a SPECIAL sandwich!

To get a grilled cheese sandwich from a cheese sandwich, simply put it in the furnace!