Pigmen are mobs that can fuck you and be dicks to you and help you bring home the bacon from the enemies. No pun intended, folks!


Pigmen, who roam around in villages with a chief, are humanoid variations of pigs. They can be tamed with a bit of Lapis or food such as wheat and apples. Once tamed, you can attack any mob, except those bally Enderdragons, and they will charge right up to it and destroy it. No mercy to anything! When you tame pig men you must tame the pigman cheif and all the other pigmen will be tamed.The pigman who wears armor is the pigman cheif.

Dark Wizard PigmenEdit

Main Article: Dark Wizard Pigmen

Dark Wizard Pigmen live in the Nether and come out of presents and pots of chance on a rare occasion and they wander around randomly. When you attack them, they will start shooting fireballs at you. If you happen to kill one, you will get a Tainted Porkchop. Tainted Porkchops can't be cooked, and if you eat one, you willtake around 2 hearts of physical damage although it brings up your hunger bar.