Graveyards are structures that spawn naturally in the world. They appear to be constructed of stone bricks, iron bars, and pillars. Graveyards will naturally have rows of tombstones and at night cause a much higher rate of zombies to spawn in their vicinity.


Pillars appeared in the first release of Evil Minecraft, Beta 0.666.


Graveyards seem to be able to spawn anywhere and will take on some aspects of the biome they reside in. In a plains biome it will be made of stone bricks, mossy stone bricks, and damaged stone bricks. In a taiga biome it is made of snow bricks and snowy brick pillars.

In graveyardsEdit

There will be pillars near the four corners of a graveyard. Resting on the topmost block of a pillar in a naturally occurring graveyard is a Chance Pot.

Uses of GraveyardsEdit

Because graveyards have tombstones in them, they act like zombie spawners at night.