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Evil Minecraft is an upcoming Minecraft mod created by Evil Mojang. The mod is a total conversion of Minecraft that will eventually be a completely new experience for players. Evil Minecraft is planned to have everything from new mechanics to new items to remade biomes. The current and some planned features are featured on this wiki. Evil Minecraft's current downloadable version is v0.666 and is headed towards v0.7, which will a much more extensive. 

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  • Miclee/Evil Notch

Note: Check the Credits page for an extensive list.

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Download Evil Minecraft here!


  • April 21, 2012 - Evil Minecraft v0.666 Released


  • Evil Minecraft v0.666 is finally out!

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Here you'll find all the information on the features of Evil Minecraft. If you're looking for information on vanilla Minecraft features, check the Minecraft Wiki instead. Remember, you can always use the search to find specific pages instantly.