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  • If you break a lit torch and pick it up, the lit torch is reset to a brand new lit torch.
  • Dropped Tombstones still are 3D even if Fancy Block Rendering is turned off.
  • Tombstones break animation is messed up.
  • Pillars break animation is messed up.
  • Tombstones look rather odd when held.
  • Can't tame wild pigmen.
  • Placing moss will crash your game
  • Going third person view then looking from the bottom will allow view through blocks
  • Half broken blocks ( assuming you have fancy blocks enabled ) that gravity applies to ( Sand Gravel ) will appear not broken at all when falling
  • A mimic chest will react weird to a black hole
  • The mod can't be launched! The 1.7.2 version crashes the launcher making playing this mod in 1.7.2 impossible!